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Ch 9 Open Book Test

The Rise of Rome


Column A

A. First Punic War

B. Augustus

C. aqueduct

D. Sicily

E. Etruscans

F. latifundia

G. Marc Antony

H. First Triumvirate

I. plebeians

J. praetors

Column B

__1. a rich people that greatly influenced the growth of Rome

__2. interpreted law and acted as judges

__3. large farming estates worked by enslaved people

__4. Crassus, Pompey, and Julius Caesar

__5. a human-made channel for carrying water long distances

__6. an island that is part of Italy

__7. artisans, shopkeepers, and owners of small farms

__8. Member of the 2nd Triumvirate, he fell in love with Cleopatra and went to war vs. Octavian eventually losing

__9. Rome defeated Carthage in 241 B.C.

__10. Rome’s first Emperor Octavian, changed his name to this title

Directions: Multiple Choice In the blank at the left, write the letter of

the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

__11. According to a traditional legend, who founded the city of Rome?

A. Helen of Troy C. Aristotle and Plato

B. Romulus and Remus D. Julius Caesar

__12. The Romans were able to take over most of Italy by 267 B.C. because

A. they developed new ways of waging war.

B. their military was harshly disciplined.

C. they built roads between places they conquered.

D. all of the above

__13. What were the three parts of the Roman Republic’s tripartite government?

A. slaves, citizens, and women

B. the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the executive

C. plebeians, patricians, and the army

D. the consuls, the praetors, and the legislative bodies

__14. Why were the political reforms of 287 B.C. important?

A. All male citizens had equal standing.

B. The republic became a democracy.

C. Women earned the right to vote.

D. They allowed a dictator to seize power.

__15. What was the significance of the Twelve Tables?

A. They established for the first time standards of justice still in use today.

B. They established special privileges for the wealthy.

__16. In the Second Punic War, Hannibal crossed the Alps with Elephants as

A. Carthage attacked Rome.

B. Rome invaded Carthage by sea.

__17. Julius Caesar declared himself dictator of Rome for life and also

A. created the Gregorian calendar. C. allowed free elections.

B. created work for jobless people. D. all of the above

__18. What title did Octavian take?

A. King B. Augustus

__19. What was responsible for the Pax Romana?

A. a large army, ample food supply, and improvements in Roman government

B. Hadrian’s Wall

C. a small army, the return of farmland to small farmers, and an end to slavery

D. the Praetorian Guard

__20. Which of the following helped Rome’s trade?

A. the Punic Wars B. Roman currency C. Hadrian’s Wall

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Thailand Video project

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7th Grade LA

Collection 1
Menu 1 Facing Danger

Literary Response and Analysis
Skills Focus

Duffy's Jacket by Bruce Coville

* Literature Links

Rikki-tikki-tavi by Rudyard Kipling

* Author Biography

* Projects and Activities
* Literature Links
* Cross-Curricular Connection

Three Skeleton Key by George G. Toudouze

* Projects and Activities
* Literature Links

* Cross-Curricular Connection

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street by Rod Serling

Twilight Zone video of the story
* Part 1

* Part 2

*Part 3


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Class A Hatchet


Class C Hatchet

Well Done!